Coal Mine Zollverein 12
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Coal Mine Zollverein 12
Coal mine Zollverein Shaft 12
The central site of Zollverein is located in Essen-Katernberg. Zollverein 12 together with Zollverein 1/2/8 and the colliery Zollverein forms on of the largest coal mining sites in Germany. Zollverein 12 was constructed 1928-1930 as the central site of the Zollverein mine.

The other sites of Zollverein are Zollverein 4/5/11, Zollverein 6/9 and Zollverein 3/7/10. All these sites are located in Essen.


Zollverein 12 was designed by the architects Schupp/Kremmer. It is one of the finest examples of industrial architecture and was the most modern, largest and, by the opinion of the mining specialists, most beautiful mining site of its time (sometimes it is named the "Cathedral of industrial architecture"). The whole site is designed around the winding tower and a central place, around which all buildings are grouped. The main entrance leads directly to this main place, with the winding tower above.

Future Use
Coal Mine Zollverein Shafts 1/2
Coal Mine Zollverein Shafts 1/2
The site Zollverein 12 will be used as an Museum of Industry and the location of several cultural institutions. Among these is the Design Center of Nordrhein-Westfalen. The whole site is generally open to the public.

In addition to the beforementioned the site will be used as a water drainage site for the Ruhr coal mines. The shaft Zollverein 12, just like Zollverein 1, is still open and in use. The winding tower above shaft 10 of the Zollverein 3/7/10 site will be conserved. All other sites (Zollverein 6/9 and 4/5/11) are not open for the public or destructed.



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