Coal Mine Zollern 2/4
[ M I N E S ]


Located in Dortmund-Bövinghausen, Zollern 2/4 is one of the most beautifully designed mining sites in the Ruhr area. It is now completely out of service. Zollern 2/4 is the central site of the Westfälisches Industriemuseum (Industrial Museum of Westphalia).


All buildings, especially the central machine hall, are fine examples of Jugendstil art used in industrial architecture. The winding towers above the two shafts aren't the original towers. They were originally located at the mining sites Wilhelmine Victoria (Gelsenkirchen) and Friedrich der Große (Herne) and brought to the site of Zollern 2/4 before the desctruction of their original sites.

Future Use

The mining site of Zollern 2/4 will remain an Museum of Industry and is generally open to the public.